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Stark, raving mad half-greek, half-italian videogame translator. Moonlight as a pancake chef and a dispenser of unrequited, cliched quotes. I started with a pencil, but I'm in love with my tablet. I started with a crappy 2001 5.1 sony Cybershot, I changed it to something else whose name I don't remember but I still don't know how to use. My friend Anthi always says I was "a hipster before hipsters became hipsters which negates the hipsterness while exponentially increasing it" but I know better. And I like you, you weird, lovely visitor.

What you're not going to find here:
-just one style
-colour harmony on any type and shape of scale
-even a piece that's devoid of any kind of sentiment.
-lack of passion, either it is for a fictional character or the actual crazy friends that accompany me in my adventures.

What you're going to find:
-messy sketches
-splotchy messes
-inordinate amounts of fanart compared to the total sum of subs
-missteps while I try to learn to paint. and draw.
-grammatical errors. cause english ain't my first language.
-drawings of girls with big-ass guns. not yet, but I'm working on it.

ATC Stamp by hell0z0mbieMyPaint Stamp by DementedsnakeCan't stop deviantart-ing by prosaixI'm in your Scraps by Shutsumon


Classy Doge
Also worked on this between my pauses at work. Was thinking of revisiting, maybe with a top hat and a moustache. It was referenced off a picture, which I can't find on google anymore :ashamed: Pencil on paper, around 2 hours all together.
Derpy Tristana
as you've probably noticed, I've been inactive for a... while (…). But I started drawing again, so here's a small sketch I did for a friend at work. It took about 15 minutes, pencil on notepad :p

This was on a secondary account I opened under the name on arpapa and I still haven't closed (although I did take down the sketches), just in case anyone starts shouting THIEF THIEF. 
Hello Deviantart.

I still don't know if I missed you as a site, but I did miss the people and the art.

I honestly don't know how to start this because I have been away for so long, which I realise is extremely unkind towards the watchers and some the friends I made here. For that, I apologize.

Like I've been lurking around and checking the people I watch and everything, I've just been... silent. And I haven't drawn a lot.

In an attempt to summarise what has happened in my life in the last... 2 years? here are some key points:

1. I moved back to my parents in Greece and stayed there for a little while after I left France.
2. I tried and failed to make it into a master's programme I really wanted in Paris. Made it far, not far enough to get accepted.
3. Hated Greece.
4. I decided to move to Ireland.
5. I applied and got accepted into a masters of International Relations at DCU. (Hello DCU students, if you're reading this :wave: )
6. I got really into International relations. Like REALLY. Jokes like this one made my laugh:…;
7. *was still very much into international relations*
8. *still obsessed with international relations*
9. Met a lovely Irish man. Moved in with said lovely Irish man. 
10. Handed in my thesis, finished my studies.
11. Started working as a translator for a localisation company and one BIG client in the field of MOBA games. I am contractually obliged to withhold said big name, but I will have a drawing up so you can draw your own conclusions. Heh. "Draw your own conclusions".

And that's about it. Aside from numerous little personal crises and a big existential one I am still going (and probably will keep going) through, I have to say the last 2 years have been... weird. Good weird, mostly, but still weird.

The copious amount of studying coupled with the crushing knowledge that my parents were helping me through it so I had to be perfect did little to foster my creativity. I got mad into the academic world and research and I felt like I had received a higher calling. Still do. I miss the university a lot.

Still, the fact that I took a year out of my first degree just to draw and improve while doing little else, and then proceeded to let that year slowly go to waste while not drawing at all, made me feel bad and ashamed. So I withdrew myself from deviantart and tumblr and stopped socialising for a while.

It was a bizarre period. I felt like I didn't recognize myself (not only from the lack of creativity) and sometimes I still do.

And then I thought "Hey, art is supposed to elevate the soul! When done right, it makes you happy, regardless of the result!" (that was my very simplistic approach to it anyway).

So here I am. Trying again. I briefly kept open a secondary account where I had two sketches, but I realised I missed this one too much. It's my little treasure, and it wouldn't be right to leave it before it's ran its course. 

I can't promise it'll be as frequent as before, but I will start posting again.

Thank you and sorry and it's good to see you again, honestly.


  • Listening to: Tame Impala
  • Reading: Paul Collier and Ex Machina
  • Watching: Person of Interest



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